We have been in business since 1945. That doesn’t happen because of luck. It happens because of hard work, dedication, staying focused, and building relationships. One of our most valued and trusted business relationships is with Instantwhip Foods. From purchasing to distribution, from logistics to customer service, they are an integral part of our growth and success. They have become an ally and a partner. Because of this partnership, we have been able to grow our reputation from coast to coast. Luck had nothing to do with it. Instantwhip and their people had everything to do with it.

James Brown
Chief Operating Officer, Canfield, OH


We have been in business for 10 years and have relied on Instantwhip to be our preferred dairy product provider. The main reason we choose to use Instantwhip is because we can look at them as a business partner not just another purveyor. The customer service is impeccable from the taking of the orders to delivery of the product into our coolers. Instantwhip has gone out of their way to make special deliveries to make sure we have product to operate the restaurants. Along with the great service they keep their pricing very competitive. The quality of the products that Instantwhip carries is top of the line and we have never had a customer complaint that was related to the quality of their product. We are looking forward to expanding the Bricco concept and growing along with Instantwhip.

David Kaminski, Director of Operations
Bricco Restaurants, Akron/Cleveland, OH