We have been doing business with Instantwhip-Connecticut for around 35 years. The level of customer service from Lisa and everyone in the order department is always pleasant and professional and care is taken to make sure our orders are correct. The general manager Bob’s #1 priority is to make sure we have the products that we need to be profitable and successful. Our salesman Mike can be counted on to keep us aware of any new products. We cannot forget our driver Nolan. You can’t ask for a more dependable, dedicated driver making sure our order is on time and accurate. You don’t do business with a company for 35 years unless they are doing something right. Quality, Service, and Pricing.

Perry Pettas, James Kokenos, John Kokenos, and Damon Anastasion
Board of Directors, Pan Gregorian of Connecticut
Plaza Diner Restaurant – Valley Diner Restaurant, Connecticut