Just a few words to let you know that Fresh Grounds is going into year eight safely in the black. Our training program is thriving and we have sent some of our kids off to full time employment which, of course, is the goal. Instantwhip has been a part of our success not only for your pricing, but also the quality of your products. I have to cite Stony Creek Dairy and Grandma’s Bakery as top of the line, and At Last Soups have helped our bottom line. We are constantly bombarded by other vendors and we politely turn them away. You have no competition as far as Fresh Grounds is concerned. Carolyn is so cheerful, and a pleasure to talk to, and of course everyone loves Susan. Mike is pretty amazing, knowing where everything goes, rotating, and tracking our growth. In the times we’ve messed up, or in an emergency, the situation has been addressed immediately. The best part of doing business with Instantwhip is that you “get us”. What I mean by that is we all feel that you’re not just our vendor but our partner. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.
Warmest Regards.

Anne Mayers, Manager
Fresh Grounds, St Paul, MN


This is our third season working with Instantwhip Foods to handle the distribution of our fundraising business in the Minneapolis Metro market. As you have experienced, fundraising is a seasonal, demanding business that requires virtually no mistakes from a communication, accuracy of product count and on-time delivery perspective. Your team has performed at a level that is second to none in all of these areas! In addition, the attitude that is displayed when anyone from Fundraising Manager or our customers call to discuss opportunities or potential issues has been such a positive experience, that all involved, welcome dealing with everyone at your organization!
As you can imagine, we work with hundreds of distribution companies across the country. I can candidly tell you, that if everyone we worked with had the professionalism, accountability and “can do” attitude as the team of Instantwhip Foods Minneapolis, our job of growing the business, and growing sales for both of our companies would be a great deal less complicated! We often get caught up in the daily routines of servicing the business and don’t get a chance to recognize such a quality group of people within an organization! From everyone at Fundraising Manager, that you and everyone at Instantwhip Foods Minneapolis for being a pleasure to work with and a true partner!

Drew Clemens
Executive Vice President, Fundraising Manager, Minneapolis, MN