You cannot ask for a nicer, more service oriented group of people. I would not be in business and have the amount of business we do without Instantwhip and the wonderful people who work there. When we bought our shop we did not know how to do anything (not even make a cone). Randy came and taught us how to do everything. He was instrumental in our success. Steve and Michelle always take good care of us and go out of their way to find new and interesting products for us. They always have our best interests and our continued success at heart. If they do not sell it they will find it and get it in for us. Our driver Bill is very helpful and always helps us out and will also go out of his way for us. If we are out of product he always offers to make a special trip to get us what we need. We could not ask for more helpful, dedicated, and devoted group. After nine summers with them they have developed into friends! I cannot thank them enough for all they do for us!

Kristy Magaro
Owner Kristy’s Whistle Stop, Enola, PA


The customer service I have received from Instantwhip is outstanding. Deliveries are always there when I get to my store in the morning, and if there has ever been a problem they have made arrangements so I am not without any products I need. I enjoy ordering and if I ever forget to call, I get a phone call checking in to see what I need. They help me run a better store because of the service they have provided. Products are always of the quality we are looking for. I continue to use Instantwhip for their service, I enjoy the prices that are fair and look forward to many more years of the same.

Howie Zeamer
Sweet Treats Enterprises, LLC D/B/A- Son’s, Quarryville, PA