Karina’s Bakery & Restaurant

Our experience with Instantwhip has been great, from ordering over the phone to picking up items myself. The service has never lacked in any aspect. The products are never expired or have anything wrong at all. Lisa at the front desk always, and I mean always has a great attitude towards myself and other customers. If an item isn’t in stock they’ll give me a call to let me know they received it so that I don’t have to go and check for myself, saves me time! Overall the experience with Instantwhip has been great and I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Israel Pinto, Co-owner
Karina’s Bakery & Restaurant, Landover Hills, MD

Ardmore Carry Out

We have been using Instantwhip for over 6 years.  During those years we have got to know the core employees and remain very pleased with everything they do for my company.  When we call in an order late or while on vacation – Lisa, Angie, or Jeryl go above and beyond to process our order.  If we forget to place an order, Lynn or Julio always come to the rescue and supply product.  Lastly our driver, Omar is probably the best driver I have EVER seen working in the food industry for over 25 years.  He is always helpful, friendly and goes out of his way to help us get the order dropped off.  More importantly he is honest. I DO NOT have to go behind and make sure he didn’t short us of any product. He is always a step ahead of us.  I have been asked over the years to change who I purchase dairy and Turkey Hill product from. I kindly refuse the offer knowing that you have those core employees that go above beyond and have outstanding customer service skills.

George W. Sullivan, Owner/Operator
Ardmore Carry Out, Landover, MD

Pinnacle Golf Club

I have experienced working with Instantwhip of Columbus for over the past ten years. The Instantwhip team, headed by Rusty Tuggle, from the front office to warehouse and delivery drivers are always ready and willing to go extra steps to make sure their customers receive top notch service and very competitive pricing. The quantity and quality of products along with Mr. Tuggles knowledge of the industry make ordering simplistic. Every time I call on them to find a particular product, the attitude is if they do not stock it they will find it, which has eliminated the need for me to waste precious time searching. I urge all to call upon Instantwhip and be assured you will not regret doing business with a great company.

John Guido Magnacca, Executive Chef
Pinnacle golf Club, Grove City, Ohio

Seneca Gaming & Entertainment

Instantwhip delivers great product supported by customer service.
Mike is doing a fantastic job getting us the product we need.

Lori Ventimigler, Retail/Concession Supervisor
Seneca Gaming & Entertainment, Irving, NY

Park Diner

Instantwhip is a great milk company. Every time I need something customer service takes care of it. Dave is a great salesman that really cares about his customers and the product he sells. All the products are great that I have tried. I highly recommend Instantwhip. I have never had a problem with them and neither will you.

Dimitri Papastrat
Park Diner, Binghamton, NY

Whit’s Frozen Custard

We cannot say enough of how satisfied we are with Instantwhip’s services and Ohio Processors’ services. We are a small franchise and started with them over 10 years ago. We continue to grow each year and we would not be able to be as successful as we are without strong suppliers like Instantwhip. Growing up in the distribution business and I appreciate the way they go above and beyond. They source product for us at the best possible price, their delivery errors are non-existent, and customer service is always on top of any issues. On the manufacturing side, the quality of the product is superb. Anyone looking at their services, will not be disappointed.

Chuck & Lisa Whtiman, Founders
Whit's Frozen Custard, Columbus, OH

Fresh Grounds

Just a few words to let you know that Fresh Grounds is going into year eight safely in the black. Our training program is thriving and we have sent some of our kids off to full time employment which, of course, is the goal. Instantwhip has been a part of our success not only for your pricing, but also the quality of your products. I have to cite Stony Creek Dairy and Grandma’s Bakery as top of the line, and At Last Soups have helped our bottom line. We are constantly bombarded by other vendors and we politely turn them away. You have no competition as far as Fresh Grounds is concerned. Carolyn is so cheerful, and a pleasure to talk to, and of course everyone loves Susan. Mike is pretty amazing, knowing where everything goes, rotating, and tracking our growth. In the times we’ve messed up, or in an emergency, the situation has been addressed immediately. The best part of doing business with Instantwhip is that you “get us”. What I mean by that is we all feel that you’re not just our vendor but our partner. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.

Warmest Regards.


Anne Mayers, Manager
Fresh Grounds, St Paul, MN

Joe & Ross Ice Cream/J&R Dairy

Over the past few years I have been working directly with Ben Lewis at Instantwhip Chicago to develop a strong working and supply relationship to continue to build our foodservice distribution. Joe & Ross / J&R have been in the distribution business since the 60’s. Our routes cover all northern through central Illinois and northern Indiana. Ben Lewis has and continues to be very instrumental with his knowledge, salesmanship, and complete follow through that we at Joe & Ross / J&R have moved all of our foodservice accounts to the Instantwhip ice cream mixes. We have also moved all of our soft serve yogurt customers over to Ambrosia. In addition, we are building a strong following with our customers with the 17 oz. can whip cream. We continue to explore other Instantwhip products for our customers. I look forward to our continued relationship which continues to be a win win for Joe & Ross / J&R and Instantwhip Chicago.

Walt Connelly, Executive Director Foodservice
Joe & Ross Ice Cream/J&R Dairy, Cicero, IL

Jitter’s Café

Jitter’s Café has been a long time customer with Instantwhip-Rochester. They are always flexible to accommodate us with our needs. Their staff has given us tremendous service throughout the years. We started off with 1 shop and with the assistance of Instantwhip-Rochester we have now opened 2 other shops. They made the transition go so smoothly with their help. They did this with assistance on what to order, when we would need the product to open, and even how much product we should start out with. I feel that their team has helped make us the successful business that we are.

Michelle McElwain - Manager
Jitter’s Café, North Chili NY

Pan Gregorian of Connecticut

We have been doing business with Instantwhip-Connecticut for around 35 years. The level of customer service from Lisa and everyone in the order department is always pleasant and professional and care is taken to make sure our orders are correct. The general manager Bob’s #1 priority is to make sure we have the products that we need to be profitable and successful. Our salesman Mike can be counted on to keep us aware of any new products. We cannot forget our driver Nolan. You can’t ask for a more dependable, dedicated driver making sure our order is on time and accurate. You don’t do business with a company for 35 years unless they are doing something right. Quality, Service, and Pricing.

Perry Pettas, James Kokenos, John Kokenos, and Damon Anastasion
Board of Directors, Pan Gregorian of Connecticut
Plaza Diner Restaurant - Valley Diner Restaurant, Connecticut

Bricco Restaurant Group

We have been in business for 10 years and have relied on Instantwhip to be our preferred dairy product provider. The main reason we choose to use Instantwhip is because we can look at them as a business partner not just another purveyor. The customer service is impeccable from the taking of the orders to delivery of the product into our coolers. Instantwhip has gone out of their way to make special deliveries to make sure we have product to operate the restaurants. Along with the great service they keep their pricing very competitive. The quality of the products that Instantwhip carries is top of the line and we have never had a customer complaint that was related to the quality of their product. We are looking forward to expanding the Bricco concept and growing along with Instantwhip.


David Kaminski, Director of Operations
Bricco Restaurants, Akron/Cleveland, OH

Executive Chef

Throughout the years and at several restaurants, Instantwhip has consistently provided me with high quality products and top notch customer service. Today they offer that same quality while being a leader in distributing locally produced cheeses and fresh meats.

Chad Lavely, Executive Chef
The Granville Inn, Granville, OH

Sweet Bradley’s Ice Cream, Inc.

I’m just writing you a note to show my appreciation for all the support and guidance you and the Instantwhip team has provided me in this past year. With your quality products, marketing and sales support and dependable delivery network, my first year in the ice cream business was a great success! I am looking forward to another great year with your support.

With sincere thanks,

Ray Stahovic, President
Sweet Bradley’s Ice Cream Inc., Greece, NY

Katzinger’s Delicatessen and Grocery

As the owner of Katzinger’s Delicatessen and Grocery and because of the complexity of my inventory, I purchase from many different companies. Instantwhip has been one of my largest and most trusted suppliers for over 17 years. If I am unable to find an item or need a bid, I call Rusty Tuggle at Instantwhip. If I’m in a bind, need something in a hurry or read about a new product, I call Instantwhip. Not only are Rusty and the Instantwhip staff dependable, they are proactive. They understand our standards and only come to us with products that work for us which saves Katzinger’s both time and money.

Diane Warren, Owner
Katzinger’s Delicatessen and Grocery, Columbus, OH

Moonlight Creamery, LLC

I am responsible for the product supply chain at Moonlight Creamery LLC, Fairport, NY. My responsibilities include researching product compatibility, cost analysis, supplier contact, and scheduling delivery of the many supplies needed to maintain a retail business that specializes in premium ice cream and cakes, coffee varieties, artisan chocolates, and quality customer service. We will have been in operation for six (6) years in July 2013 and throughout those six (6) years; Instantwhip has supplied our business with numerous dairy and dairy related products that have met our high standards. Order requests have been responded to and deliveries timely. New product offerings have been communicated and promoted. The current Instantwhip team located in the Rochester, NY facility warrants special notice in that David and Brian and their supporting staff has been exceptionally helpful in maintaining our supply chain with Instantwhip and has always done so in a friendly, positive, and responsive manner. Because of this reliability and type of service, we, at Moonlight Creamery, expect to continue our mutual relationship.

Gene Grenek
Moonlight Creamery LLC, Fairport, NY

Taylor’s Bakery

In the bakery business, we need the freshest ingredients that we can source. We need a dependable company that can deliver on a consistent basis. Instantwhip Indianapolis does that for us. Instantwhip is an integral part of our supply chain.

Drew Taylor Allen
Taylor’s Bakery, Indianapolis, IN

Kristy’s Whistle Stop

You cannot ask for a nicer, more service oriented group of people. I would not be in business and have the amount of business we do without Instantwhip and the wonderful people who work there. When we bought our shop we did not know how to do anything (not even make a cone). Randy came and taught us how to do everything. He was instrumental in our success. Steve and Michelle always take good care of us and go out of their way to find new and interesting products for us. They always have our best interests and our continued success at heart. If they do not sell it they will find it and get it in for us. Our driver Bill is very helpful and always helps us out and will also go out of his way for us. If we are out of product he always offers to make a special trip to get us what we need. We could not ask for more helpful, dedicated, and devoted group. After nine summers with them they have developed into friends! I cannot thank them enough for all they do for us!


Kristy Magaro
Owner Kristy’s Whistle Stop, Enola, PA

Fundraising Management

This is our third season working with Instantwhip Foods to handle the distribution of our fundraising business in the Minneapolis Metro market. As you have experienced, fundraising is a seasonal, demanding business that requires virtually no mistakes from a communication, accuracy of product count and on-time delivery perspective. Your team has performed at a level that is second to none in all of these areas! In addition, the attitude that is displayed when anyone from Fundraising Manager or our customers call to discuss opportunities or potential issues has been such a positive experience, that all involved, welcome dealing with everyone at your organization!

As you can imagine, we work with hundreds of distribution companies across the country. I can candidly tell you, that if everyone we worked with had the professionalism, accountability and “can do” attitude as the team of Instantwhip Foods Minneapolis, our job of growing the business, and growing sales for both of our companies would be a great deal less complicated! We often get caught up in the daily routines of servicing the business and don’t get a chance to recognize such a quality group of people within an organization! From everyone at Fundraising Manager, that you and everyone at Instantwhip Foods Minneapolis for being a pleasure to work with and a true partner!


Drew Clemens
Executive Vice President, Fundraising Manager, Minneapolis, MN

Ice Cream Factory

I came back to manage the Ice Cream Factory three years ago. At that time we were only ordering minimal items from Instantwhip. Since that time, we have switched over almost our whole line of hard ice cream to Turkey Hill. I also manage the Willowvale Diner, we have gone from using no Instantwhip products, to switching our whole dairy line over. We now use everything from orange juice to extra-large eggs through Instantwhip. Every person who I have dealt with, Sue, Melissa, Rudy, Bob, has been very helpful, nice, and knowledgeable. Because of the service, quality, and pricing, we will continue to a have a great working relationship.


Adam Schloop
Ice Cream Factory, Chadwicks, NY

Sweet Treats

The customer service I have received from Instantwhip is outstanding. Deliveries are always there when I get to my store in the morning, and if there has ever been a problem they have made arrangements so I am not without any products I need. I enjoy ordering and if I ever forget to call, I get a phone call checking in to see what I need. They help me run a better store because of the service they have provided. Products are always of the quality we are looking for. I continue to use Instantwhip for their service, I enjoy the prices that are fair and look forward to many more years of the same.

Howie Zeamer
Sweet Treats Enterprises, LLC D/B/A- Son's, Quarryville, PA

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt

We have been in business since 1945. That doesn’t happen because of luck. It happens because of hard work, dedication, staying focused, and building relationships. One of our most valued and trusted business relationships is with Instantwhip Foods. From purchasing to distribution, from logistics to customer service, they are an integral part of our growth and success. They have become an ally and a partner. Because of this partnership, we have been able to grow our reputation from coast to coast. Luck had nothing to do with it. Instantwhip and their people had everything to do with it.


James Brown
Chief Operating Officer, Canfield, OH