Ardmore Carry Out

We have been using Instantwhip for over 6 years.  During those years we have got to know the core employees and remain very pleased with everything they do for my company.  When we call in an order late or while on vacation – Lisa, Angie, or Jeryl go above and beyond to process our order.  If we forget to place an order, Lynn or Julio always come to the rescue and supply product.  Lastly our driver, Omar is probably the best driver I have EVER seen working in the food industry for over 25 years.  He is always helpful, friendly and goes out of his way to help us get the order dropped off.  More importantly he is honest. I DO NOT have to go behind and make sure he didn’t short us of any product. He is always a step ahead of us.  I have been asked over the years to change who I purchase dairy and Turkey Hill product from. I kindly refuse the offer knowing that you have those core employees that go above beyond and have outstanding customer service skills.

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