Frozen Dessert Mix

This delicious, quality dessert mix was originally created especially for shakes, but thanks to its popularity and the inventiveness of our clients, it is now used on dessert buffets, cones and sundaes – and in newly-popular cocktail recipes as well. That’s one of the advantages of working with the INSTANTWHIP® family of products – we focus on delivering traditional tastes that today’s creative chefs can use in endlessly modern ways. INSTANTWHIP® ECONO FROZEN DESSERT MIX performs exceptionally well at normal overrun. It’s the ideal product for the cost and quality conscious operator. Ordering INSTANTWHIP® ECONO FROZEN DESSERT MIX couldn’t be easier- whether it’s from your local Route Sales Team, online or with a phone call.


How about one of these flavors in a sundae, cone or shake?

  • Chocolate? Of course – but how about Dark Chocolate and Cherry?
  • Strawberry? Naturally – but how about Strawberry-Rhubarb?
  • Cookie or Candy Shakes? Just pick your favorites.
  • More sophisticated tastes? How about Honey Lavender or Salted Caramel?
  • Walk on the wild side? Pick any combination of spicy and sweet.


  • If product is delivered frozen, keep frozen until ready to use.
  • Thaw under refrigeration for 48 hours or until there are no ice crystals in mix.
  • Shake product vigorously before pouring into freezer.
  • Follow your machine manufacturer’s instructions on priming the machine properly to achieve desired overrun.


Shelf Life
Frozen: 1 year. Once thawed, keep refrigerated at 35ºF for up to 3 weeks.